Cornerstone Websystems is delighted to present this exclusive complimentary offer to your Not-for-Profit organisation.


What you will receive:

  • One Complimentary Systems Health Assessment &
  • One Comprehensive Capability Roadmap Report

What is this offer and what does it include?

This offer allows your organisation to avail of 8 hours of our expert consultancy time worth $1,200. This includes a thorough assessment of your business and operational systems from a technology standpoint. We will then provide you with a capability assessment roadmap to future-proof the efficiency of your business operations.

Initial Consultation (1 hour)

Our Information Systems specialist will meet with your designated officer/s for an hour. This will cover off the basic ‘we need this to work better’ conversations.

Requirements Gathering (2 hours)

Our consultant will work with your designated offcer/s to discuss your system gaps and understand your organisational goals through a friendly and informal assessment process. This will form the basis for defining your capability roadmap.

Review of requirements / system needs (1 hour)

Our consultant will meet with your designated officer/s to confirm scope and ensure we have understood your requirements.

Preparation of Report based on findings (3 hours)

This report is written off-site.

Presentation of report to designated officer/s (1 hour)

Our consultant will take you through the report and recommend solutions to address your system gaps. You may wish to use this report as a resource while preparing a proposal for your Executive / Governance team’s review.


How will this complimentary offer be delivered?

5 hours of on-site interactions and audit time and 3 hours of report writing me.

What is in it for Cornerstone Websystems?

Cornerstone Websystems is a small South Australian technology consultancy that is endeavouring to build new client relationships. With a range of experience in both Government and Non-Government sectors, our consultants are all highly competent in their areas of expertise. We are committed to service excellence and choose to offer this complimentary service as a sample of what to expect from us, should you choose to engage us for the development of your business systems in future.


Will you have to pay us anything?

No. If you are happy with our complimentary service, your referrals would be gratefully appreciated, and yes, your business would keep us in business.


How do I claim this complimentary offer?

Please click here to contact us with a brief description of your requirements. We will be in touch shortly after we receive your enquiry.