Customer Relationship Management, commonly referred to as a CRM system helps store and manage your customer information.

CRM systems have evolved to help you maximise on your service provision to your customers and provide increased value than ever before. Your CRM is at the heart of your operational strategy, as it provides a current snapshot and history of your customer relationships and transactions. This is true for all key functions in your business, as your sales team needs to access information relating to their accounts and create new accounts as required. Your operational/financial team needs to work with the service provision and the accounting side aspects respectively.

At Cornerstone Websystems, our philosophy is simple. We work with your team to build your systems incrementally, so we can be guided to deliver the most appropriate solution on time, within budget and one that just works. We encourage feedback during the development phase so we can help keep your project on track.

We have worked with a number of businesses to help implement and integrate CRM systems in their business. We have gained expertise in a variety of CRM systems and also provide custom CRM development services.